Most of our clients are satisfied and received answers to their legal questions within 15 minutes. This is in part because you fill in the basic facts of your case before you pay for your Quick Consult which the lawyer will vet and prepare for before the call. This saves on the time for you to recount these basic facts in the first 5-10 minutes of your case and so the lawyer can focus on asking the most relevant clarifying questions and start advising you on your legal issue. 

The call will not be automatically cut off at 15 minutes but please note:

  • You should only ask your legal questions on one issue per Quick Consult since a lawyer needs time to fully understand the issue and help you understand your  options an his recommendations
  • The lawyer is not obligated to continue the call past 15 minutes (he or she may have to go into a meeting)
  • Some legal matters are complex, and a 15 minute Quick Consult should NOT be construed as a substitute for a full legal consult in these instances