Special 2.5%* pricing for AsiaLawNetwork Lawyers on Paypal! 

AsiaLawNetwork is now partnering with PayPal to bring to you a safer,  faster and easier way for you to get paid online, on mobile, by email,  anywhere you do business. Manage your payments and access  additional features all with a single PayPal account. 

To sign up for a Paypal account with special rates, follow these steps.
  1. Login to your lawyer account. 
  2. In the user admin tab, click on "Other Tools"
  3. Click on "Paypal Integration"
  4. Click on the "Onboard on Paypal" button.
  5. You will be directed to Paypal. You can either convert an existing Paypal to have special rates applied to it, or sign up for a new Paypal account. 
  6. At the end of the process, you'll be sent back to AsiaLawNetwork.com
Due to security reasons, company editors are not allowed to create Paypal accounts for individual lawyers. 
Please login and use individual lawyer's user account.