This article will guide a lawyer through the process of receiving a Quick Consult order, Accepting the Quick Consult, Setting the Appointment and Initiating the Consult. 

  1. Upon receiving a Quick Consult order, you will receive an SMS alert and an email. 
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  3. From the email, review the name of the client and the parties involved. Details of the case are not available at this stage. Lawyers are required to do a conflict of interest check before we can reveal details of the case. After doing a conflict of interest check, click on the "Accept/Decline" button. You should be brought to our website.
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  5. From this page, click on Accept if you are ready to accept the Quick Consult. If for any reason you are unable to a accept the Quick Consult, click on Decline.
  6. Once the Quick Consult is accepted, you can click on the red "set appointment" button. You will be brought to the set appointment page. 
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  8. On this page, you will be able to review the case, and you can set the appointment. Select one of the two chosen times by the client. 
  9. Upon selecting the time, the client will receive a notification through email and SMS. You'll also receive an SMS confirmation and email confirmation. 
  10. In the email confirmation, you'll find a "Ready to call" button. Click on this button before the appointment. 
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  12. Upon clicking the button, you should be brought to our website. When you are ready, select whether you'll like to record the Quick Consult, and click on the Red button to initiate the call. Upon clicking the Red button, you will begin the process of connecting the client into a conference with your DID phone number. 
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  14. At the end of the conference, you will receive an email with the client's contact details. You can reach out to the client after the Quick Consult with those details.