A Quick Consult is a great way to get a quick and reliable sense of your legal dilemma and to understand your options, potential next steps and how much effort and cost each of these options may entail. Examples of questions answered during Quick Consult:

  • Do I have a case given my situation?

  • What are my options for my legal dilemma?

  • Which option do you recommend and why?

  • If I should decide to take an action, what are my chances of a favorable outcome? What is a not-so-favorable outcome? How much time can I expect for resolution, and how much will this cost?

  • What should I watch out for if I decide to pursue a specific option?

  • What are my rights in this case?

Do note that because a Quick Consult is only 15 minutes, it should not be seen as a substitute for a proper full consult with a lawyer if your issue is complex and requires more discussion. That said, it is a great way to get started!