We want to solve how difficult it can be to find and engage a lawyer to get legal advice, and to dispel misconceptions about getting legal help:

  • Accessing the law is NOT and should not be expensive, contrary to what most people think

  • Finding the right lawyer should not be difficult (Googling, comparing different lawyer profiles and firms, asking friends)

  • More information means better and more confident decisions and we strive to provide this information for clients

  • We want to bring greater transparency and predictability around the search for and the cost of getting legal guidance

Challenges when seeking legal advice How Quick Consult solves this
Unsure if you can rely on the legal advice you researched on Google / search engines Reliable legal advice
Speaking with an experienced lawyer can help verify any research you’ve done or you can immediately ask for advice
Difficult to find a lawyer with the specific and right expertise to advise you Find the right lawyer with the right expertise
We help highlight the most relevant lawyers with the right expertise for you to choose from; lawyers standing by to advise for many topics
Worried about how much it will cost to speak with a lawyer for a first consult Transparent, flat and affordable fee
Know exactly how much you are paying for legal advice and what you’re getting
Don’t want to get help or advice from friends for sensitive matters Confidential
All calls protected by legal privilege and completely confidential
Might need to pay via checks or cash for legal advice Easy, fast and secure
Pay securely and easily upfront with a credit card via PayPal

If you have a legal dilemma and need legal guidance or a 2nd opinion, try an Asia Law Network Quick Consult today!