It's easy! 
There are only two basic steps: 
  1. Visit our site and start your search HERE.
  2. Use the selection filters - country, language, area of expertise, for example - to search for the specific legal help or lawyer you need. 
  3. A Request For Quotation form will appear. Fill in the relevant fields indicated and hit Submit
You can now wait for the lawyer(s) you contacted to give your their quotations based on your request and you can decide which lawyer you want to follow up with. If you do not want to search for a lawyer but want us to suggest a lawyer, you can go to our website and select "Request for Quote" and let us know your details, and we will send it out to 3 lawyers with the relevant specialty and you can wait for their response. 

A Quick Consult is an easy, affordable and quick way to get legal advice from lawyers over a 15-minute phone call. All our Quick Consults are transparently and affordably priced starting at S$49 and is a great way to get the advice you need to make confident and better decisions for your life and your business.  You no longer have to worry about finding the right lawyer or worry about how much you will need to pay. Finding legal help has never been easier, quicker or more affordable. 

Learn more about Quick Consult HERE or read an article about Quick Consult HERE. You can also watch a short video about what a Quick Consult is below.