Search for a lawyer and get a quotation (FREE)

Yes, you can use to search for lawyers for free! 

You can search and contact any lawyer on our platform to request a quote for nothing. You are also not obliged to engage any lawyer you find on our platform after you get a quotation.. The only fees you pay will be to the lawyer, should you choose to hire one to help you. You can start your search for lawyer right away HERE.

Quick Consult -- Get legal advice from a lawyer for a flat transparent fee (PAID)

If you should choose to get a Quick Consult, you will have to pay for the Quick Consult. Quick Consults are transparently and affordably priced starting at S$49 so you can get affordable and risk-free advice. You may securely pay for your Quick Consult with credit cards or PayPal. Learn more about Quick Consult HERE or read an article about Quick Consult HERE.